The concept of the competition is the art of self-expression with a football, through dance.

It’s unique. It is innovative. It’s first of its kind.

This concept is all about discovering and supporting new talents to achieve their dreams to further their education or build a career through the activity of sport and music

Promoting football and dance together among kids and youth will attract a lot of attention as people would want to relate with this.

Although the main focus of the event is dance, the attraction is football.

The theme is “ FOOTBALL-DANCE”


  • To discover and showcase talent through this platform with the view of assisting them educationally and through their career path
  • To discourage youths from expending their energy on unproductive vices in the society.
  • To encourage kids well being to be intact through the benefits of exercising.
  • To help boost self-esteem, self-confidence among participants in particular and youth in general
  • To give back to the community by promoting talents among the participants and youth in general.
  • To empower kids and youth through entertainment activities.
  • To use this avenue as a means for social interaction to creating the opportunity of sponsorship by football academy or in the music industry 


The event is geared towards enhancing the wellbeing of the target group, through exercising. With this type of event, kids, teenagers, and youth will be discouraged from expending their energy on unproductive vices in the society.

Also, the event will reward skills, help discover talents with the view to assisting them educationally & through helping build a career path.

Demography: 5-10, 11-14, 15-18, 19-22 yrs.

Additional information will be communicated through E-mail or phone